Winemaking & Technology

Binekhi prides itself on handcrafting exceptional wines limited in quantity yet extremely rich when it comes to variety. We are committed to upholding the living tradition of Qvevri winemaking technology originating from Kakheti, Kartli, and Imereti, albeit with subtle modifications. In line with the classic European heritage, we craft fruity, elegant, full-bodied, aged wines with a rich bouquet, striking acidity, and structure. Our Reserve range offers handcrafted, limited production wines.

Process (from harvesting to bottling)

Spring Work

Winemaking is a continuous process, a recurring cycle that requires alertness and preparation from one harvest to another. Starting from soil tillage to pruning and shaping of the cordons of the grapevine, everything is interdependent. It is vital to reflect on the vine consumption needs and soil resources. Keeping the soil fertile and healthy has a significant impact on the sustainable growth of the plants.

Disease control is one of the indispensable components to keep the vine healthy. We do not encourage the use of expensive machinery only, and neither do we exploit chemical additives, rather with manual labor, we minimize the risks and stimulate the plants.

Recent years have been challenging for our vineyards. Climate change, dramatically reflected in the increasing number of droughts, has caused considerable stress to the plants. In response to these challenges, our vineyards are equipped with an efficient drip irrigation system. We utilize the system when plants are distressed and in need of timely delivery of water and nutrients for them to flourish.

Tending the Vineyard(Summer)

Harvest (Autumn)

Before processing, the crop is sorted out by hand in the cellar. With the help of sophisticated high-tech machinery, stems are removed without damaging the fruit. We do not use the pumps during the residue processing stage, which adds to the refinement of the final liquid.

The whole cycle of tending our vineyards centers around getting high-quality yields, the crowning of which is the timely harvest, as it significantly affects the taste and quality of the final product. Our goal is to achieve ideal maturity without compromising on quantity, which is secured by hand-picking and delicate transportation practice.

In line with the grape variety and maturity indicators, the fermentation process, the single most vital and critical procedure, begins, which requires constant care and supervision to obtain the optimal results. Apart from controlling the temperature, with a balanced mix of the “pumping-over” and “plunging cap” techniques, we attain the desirable phenolic profile


The Bottling

To encourage the full extraction of color, aroma, flavors and further add to the wine’s complexity, we use Oak barrels, both in fermentation and the aging process. Fermentation of our premium wines happen in the oak vats; the aging takes place in individually toasted barrels.

After bottling, our premium wines go through a lengthy aging process in our ideally conditioned cellars. Controlled by regular tastings and assessment, once we attain the desired taste and maturity, the wines are ready to be savored by the public.

Quality & Craftsmanship

Binekhi winery makes premium red and amber wines and spirits from indigenous Georgian grape varieties harvested on best terroirs with limited crops. Vinification happens with creative interpretation and experimentation based on 8,000 years of wine-making tradition.